I was sentenced to caught a liver disease

    After hang up the phone, my wife and I just rush to the hospital. Without any words, my wife is just worrying about me as same as myself.

   And I was called and went into the consulting room. But no doctor is there. So I am just waiting.
But there is a computer and the display is showing results of blood sampling with the conclusion of "disease of liver". That was just a shock to me. I could never believe I could get such a disease. I used to know that disease on liver will always be a huge damage to human body. Mostly people will carry the disease all their lives. So, I was just felt sorrow and disappointed.

  For about 40 minutes, a young man as the Doctor comes and start the explanation.
   "Go to the examine bed please. " The Doctor asked me.
   "Can you feel any pain here? and here? " The Doctor pressed on my stomach and asked.
   "No, I can feel nowhere pain." I answered.
   "OK, please get up." The Doctor answered.

   From your blood test, we found that you may have caught a heavy hepatitis. And we need you enter into the hospital immediately.
    "Oh, my god, that will be my first hospital life in my whole life" I thought.
    "But, there is no symptoms, maybe a little bit tired." I answered.
    "But, from the evidence of your blood test, you are obviously catching the hepatitis, and some time there is no any symptoms, but sometime the disease will proceed very fast, sometime the life may be in dangers." The Doctor answered.
    (At that time, the concrete disease of the liver is not clear, so they asked me to go into the hospital for observation.)
     "OK, I see."  I answered.
     "Have you eaten some grilled meat of steak?" The doctor asked.
     "I am not so sure."
     "Ok, Please look at your results of the blood test."

 ALT: 1024
 AST: 504

    "The value is more that normal about 20 more times. And I am worrying the value will increase continuously, so you should go to bed and just relax yourself, and do not give your body any load please." The Doctor said.

    "OK, I see."
    In fact after hearing those words, my head is totally white and could think nothing, I have planned a lot in the new year and I have applied a tennis match with my friends. All this plan must be cancelled, life seemed will have no interests from now on.

    My wife go to do the paper work of living in hospital, and tell me "just relax think nothing and take a good rest please". I can see she is worrying me from her face.

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