Result of the first blood test

At least I went begin to live in the hospital. And this is the first time in my 33 years life. My feeling is complicated.

You know, in the beginning of hepatitis, it is always without any symptoms. In fact I still do not believe I have caught this disease. So I start to search the keyword of hepatitis in the internet, there is a lot of explanation, and I come to know the variation of it. But all of them is horrible.
And I come to understand the importance of the liver.

But what kind of hepatitis I have caught is still a question. I hope I do not caught B or C type or AIH. If I really caught it, I hope it will be A type. But obviously, I am not, because I do not have the symptoms of A type.
And maybe drug-induced liver injury? Because I just read a issue of a women died of drug-induced liver injury, I am just afraid.

In the evening, the doctor comes and give me the blood test result as following.

As to my room, it is good, and I can see the morning sun, it make me felt good.

morning sun
my bed
my dinner

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