Result of one week injection of Stronger Neo-Minophagen C 

Injection of Stronger Neo-Minophagen C has been started.  And every morning, the nurse will come and give me a hole on my arm. It does not hurt so much, but it always make me fear. But I am always waiting for it. Because it is the only medicine to cure my liver jury currently.

And the result has come out as following.

    12/19    12/22    12/25   12/28
ALT  979  ⇒  775   ⇒ 645  ⇒ 574
AST  448  ⇒  285   ⇒ 243  ⇒ 245
T-Bil  1.4  ⇒  1.4   ⇒ 1.3   ⇒ 1.4
ALP  295  ⇒  297  ⇒ 305   ⇒ 302
G-GTP 174  ⇒  178  ⇒ 187   ⇒ 187
On 28-12, the doctor told me that, I should left the hospital, because the improvement is confirmed of (ALT and AST).
But the trend is getting smaller, I just worried about it. And I asked. And the doctor answered that, because the reason is not clear, maybe it is because of some medicine stayed in your liver, and you should wait for it being excreted.

Honestly, I do not agree with it so much, I just felt something uncertainly and danger in my body. But I hope things is changing as the doctor saying.

Another reason that I felt danger is that I have studied the function of Stronger Neo-Minophagen C. It could not cure the disease but to make the cellular of liver stronger and delaying the destroying of liver. If ALT and AST could not get into the safe range, and stoping the Stronger Neo-Minophagen C also, it must rebound.

Let's wait and see. I hope I will never come back to live again in hospital.

Another point in the result is G-GTP. It is just growing.

Maybe it is because that I have eat so much beaf and eggs and milk, I don't know.


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