Symptoms of at the beginning of my AIH

About 1:00 the middle of the night, I wake up suddenly, and found that my submandibular gland is swollen, and the small sublingual gland is bigger than normal. About this three weeks,  my sublingual gland swelling in the middle of the night, and the submandibular gland is always big, but they will decreases when I got up in the morning, it was just a repetition. 

Yesterday I have request the rest from my boss to take a examine in hospital. But last night it is just repeated and I woke up at 1:00 until 3:00 and sleep again in the morning.

And I  waked up at 8:30 morning, sublingual gland was smaller, so I go to the hospital. Since it is the first medical examination without reservation in advance I have been waiting about 2 hours. Finally it is my turn, and I entered the room, doctor of a young lady , it was quite displeased face because of busy. After describing the symptoms, the doctor just gave me a judgement that no illness.
"I think only the submandibular gland is swollen, no heat, salivary stone also can not be detected by palpation, let's wait and see for a while"
"But, submandibular glands are still swollen, there must be some thing illed there" I asked .
"If you worry, think I can arrange a CT scan for you" she answered. 
"A blood test to confirmed the inflammatory seemed to be necessary" a old nurse beside the doctor said.
(I really apprecite to this nurse even now, my life was saved by her advice)
 Then, the arrange a CT examination and blood sampling.

And I was told that results of the test will come out a week later, and I just went home.

But after finished the lunch, about 15:00, I received a phone call.
"The results of the medical examination is out, please come."
You have told me the results will be out after a week, why now? I thought some thing must be emergency, and I felt very anxious.

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