The conclusion is rest and watching according to the blood test result

Yesterday and the day before it, nothing changed so much on my body, maybe a little bit tired easily. 
Before I lived in hospital, I ususally go to sleep about 24 oclock. And now I still can not go to sleep before 24 oclock. I just thought I have nothing serious. 
(But friends don't treat your body like me) My little poor liver is crying, but I still could not give it a early sleep. So the situation could not be better.

And today's morning, nurse came and take some sample of my blood. I just asked her, can the result changed to be better immediately? She smiled and answered, I do not think so, but some improve maybe confirmed. 

So the result is as following:

T-BIL:1.2 ⇒ 1.1
AST:503 ⇒ 483
ALT:1000 ⇒ 975
r-GTP:171 ⇒ 165
PT INR:1.13 
WBC:6090(3900~9800) ⇒4340

Just as what she said, improvement is confirmed, but so little, and from the doctor, it is equal to nothing changed. 

And the doctor's conclusion is wait and see, and blood test again 2 days later.

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