the first day in hospital without treatment

The first day in hospital is Saturday. The Doctor do not work, and with other patients I am just laying on the bed. Waiting and praying. 
But there is not obvious symptoms, and I just felt strong. If I have not been found out with liver injury, I may be playing tennis today.
From now on, maybe several weeks, I can not go back to tennis courts. I misses and admires my friends.
Wy wife contacts my best friends about my illness, and they promise to come to see me. But not today.

Yesterday evening, the doctor comes and told me that I should rest in bed avoiding any heavy work or sports. And the next blood test will be carried out on next Monday.

Is there any medicine I should drink? I asked. He told me, nothing!

I really can not understand the answer? what is the meaning for me to live in hospital. Just waiting? And I asked like that. 

And He answered me, that it is to avoid cases of some emergency. 

And some other blood test results has been out as follows.





 blood‐sugar level:115 


PT- INR:1.13


Can you understand living in hospital without treatment? I now understand that, there are so many reasons may make over liver sick. Virus, medicine, alcohol, fat. Without the reason is cleared, any medicine may make situation worse. So in the beginning, rest and check is most important.

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